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    • Jhene Aiko

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    Jhene Aiko

    Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo (born March 16, 1988), known as Jhené Aiko or Jhené, is an American singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She embarked on her music career contributing vocals and appearing in several music videos for R&B group B2K. At the time, she was known as B2K member Lil' Fizz's "cousin", though she is not actually related to him. It was used as a marketing tool, suggested by Sony and Epic Records, to promote Aiko through B2K and attract an audience. In 2003, Aiko was set to release her debut album, My Name Is Jhené, through her labels Sony, The Ultimate Group and Epic, however the album was never released, with Aiko asking to be released from the label in order to continue her education.

    In March 2011, Aiko made her return to music with the release of her first full-length project, a mixtape titled .sailing soul(s).. On December 16, 2011, Aiko signed a recording contract with American record producer No I.D.'s record label Artium, distributed through Def Jam Recordings. In 2013, Aiko appeared on Big Sean's single "Beware", also featuring Lil Wayne, which became her first Top 40 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In November 2013, she released her first project for Artium and Def Jam, an extended play (EP), titled Sail Out. The EP was supported by the singles "3:16AM", "Bed Peace" and "The Worst", the latter of which went on to become certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Aiko released her major-label debut album, Souled Out, on September 9, 2014.

    Jhene Aiko

    Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo متولد 16 مارچ 1988 با لقب هنری Jhené Aiko یا Jhené یک خواننده و ترانه سرا آمریکایی اهل Los Angeles, California است. او زندگی هنری خود را مدیون ضبط چند ویدیو و وکالیست بودن در گروه B2K است. آن زمان او به عنوان فامیل Lil' Fizz عضو B2K بود ولی در واقعیت رابطه ای با وی نداشت. این حرکت به عنوان یک حقه از طرف Sony و Epic Records بود تا Aiko از طریق گروه شهرت خود را زیاد کند. در سال 2003 او اولین آلبوم خود یعنی My Name Is Jhené را تحت لیبل Sony ، The Ultimate Group و Epic منتشر کرد ولی این آلبوم به دلیل درخواست خود او مبنی به ادامه ی تحصیل هرگز به مرحله فروش و عمومی شدن نرسید. در مارچ 2011 او با اولین پروژه کامل خود یعنی میکستیپ sailing soul(s).. به دنیای موسیقی برگشت. در تاریخ 16 دسامبر 2011 او قراردادی با لیبل No I.D. یعنی Artium از طریق Def Jam Recordings امضا کرد. دو سال بعد او همراه با Big Sean و Lil Wayne سینگل Beware را ضبط کرد که در جمع 40 ترانه برتر بیلبورد جای گرفت. در نووامبر همین سال اولین کار خود را تحت Artium و Def Jam ضبط کرد که یک EP به نام Sail Out بود. این کار شامل ترانه های 3:16AM ، Bed Peace و The Worst بود و توسط RIAA مقام فروش پلاتینی را کسب کرد. و اما اولین آلبوم شخصی او در 9 سپتامبر 2014 منتشر شد و Souled Out نام داشت.

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    Genres :
  • R&B
  • PBR&B
  • Neo soul
  • Hip hop
  • Instruments :
  • Vocals
  • Other names :
  • Jhené
  • Labels :
  • ARTium
  • Def Jam
  • Island Def Jam (current) The Ultimate Group
  • Epic (former)
  • Years active :
  • 2002–present
  • Born / Died
  • Born:Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo (1988-03-16) March 16, 1988 (age 27) Los Angeles, California, US
  • Website :
  • jheneaiko.com
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